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Genalealogy of Jewish Odessa - A travel to old Odessa, Ukraine, its touristic sites and attractions. Visit the different sites where Jews once walked. Richielieu, Brodsky, Directory, Hotels. The Odessa archives keep traces of vital records and census. Heritage and Genealogy are the main keywords. Other important cities with Jewish roots are Kiev, Kremenets, Kamenets Podolsky, Chisinau, Akkerman, Moscow, Balta and globally Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Austria. Keywords: Judios, Jews, Jew, Jewish, Odessa, Ukraine, Russia, Russian Empire, Rusia, Union Sovietica, Soviet Union Ancestry, MyHeritage, JewishGen, KehilaLinks, Kherson, Ucrania, Synagogue, Jabotinsky, Tourist, Travel, Visit, Books, Database, Libros, Information, Arbol Genealogico, Family Tree

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All Odessa Directory 1900

Note: This book has been treated with the following automatic process: 1) scanned and digitized with an OCR, 2) converted to the reformed Russian orthography, 3) translated to English by Google. Therefore it is expected to have many errors.
Despite the errors, this treatment allows you to perform searches both in Cyrillic and Roman. You can also browse the book page by page.
The digitized texts (corrected Russian and Translated to English) can be found below each page image of the book.

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Text on the Odessa Books Database

Cyrillic text:
недбижимых имущестЬ
Одесскаго ТрадохачаяъстЬа
до границы
йдесс^аго уЬзда бключителъхо
уидресная и Спрабочная
в—э Хнига ®~
с приложением
плаха города, калгхдаря и т.п.
В- К ЛЬелъдберга.
Тод издахия ИИ-й.
^ х^рЛиип. уикционернаго Южно-русскаго 0-6а Жечатнагб 2>ила.
Одесса, ^Жуш^инская ул., соб. дом )й 20.
Translated text:
nedbizhimyh imuschest
to the boundary
ydess ^ aio uzda bklyuchitelho
uidresnaya and sprabochnaya
a-e hniga ® ~
with the application
block of the city, and so kalghdarya
in-k leldberga.
todd izdahiya ai th.
^ x ^ rliip. uiktsionernago south russkago 0-6a zhechatnagb 2> sludge.
odessa, ^ ^ zhush inskaya st. own. house) st 20.

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