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Genalealogy of Jewish Odessa - A travel to old Odessa, Ukraine, its touristic sites and attractions. Visit the different sites where Jews once walked. Richielieu, Brodsky, Directory, Hotels. The Odessa archives keep traces of vital records and census. Heritage and Genealogy are the main keywords. Other important cities with Jewish roots are Kiev, Kremenets, Kamenets Podolsky, Chisinau, Akkerman, Moscow, Balta and globally Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Austria. Keywords: Judios, Jews, Jew, Jewish, Odessa, Ukraine, Russia, Russian Empire, Rusia, Union Sovietica, Soviet Union Ancestry, MyHeritage, JewishGen, KehilaLinks, Kherson, Ucrania, Synagogue, Jabotinsky, Tourist, Travel, Visit, Books, Database, Libros, Information, Arbol Genealogico, Family Tree

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Collection of tombstones inscriptions in the jewish cemetery of Odessa (Warsaw 1889)

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Hebrew cover translation:

Special annotations in the old and the new cemeteries of the Jewish congregation of the city of Odessa accompanied by the poem "songs to the victor" by the poet Reb Yaakov Aikhenboim Z"L
For the end of the stench epidemy in Odessa in the year 1838.
Published by the collector (Gabay) of Khevra Kadisha The year of "the Zionists of the city of Odessa" (or: "the marks of the city of Odessa").
Printed in Warsaw in 1889
Note: Pages 62,63 and 84 missing.
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